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User guide


Simply decide whether you want to use the LMR positioners or the HR positioners.

Target file format

Target file should follow the format indicated below. The simulator will reject any file that does not look like this, for safety reason.

|  RAJ2000|  DEJ2000|priority|repeat|
|   double|   double|  double|double|
|      deg|      deg|        |      |
|     null|     null|    null|  null|
 29.939522 62.095964        1      2 
 29.952043 62.116818        3      4 
 29.879892   62.0447        1      5

Field of view center

By default, the simulator will automatically use the mean of all RA and all DEC in the input catalog as the center of the field of view. If you wish to set the center manually, you can do so by providing the RA and DEC coordinates of the center, in degrees (or Galactic longitude/latitude if you provided a list of targets in this WCS).

Computing method

The simulator has three modes: "one allocation", "fixed number of iterations", and "goal: allocation fraction".

The computing time scales with the number of targets and number of iteration necessary. Please be patient. Your results will appear below.


Contact: Nicolas Flagey, Billy Mahoney

Last modified: Tue May 29 12:54:38 HST 2018